Adults and children can dress up as their favorite Disney characters

Disney isn’t just for kids; it’s also for the whole family! You’ll find costumes for the kids, parents, and even grandma and grandpa in this magical selection of Disney costume ideas!

Walt Disney, the icon and creator, has given us the most enchanting memories through some of the world’s most beloved animated and live-action films. Aladdin, The Lion King, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are just a few of the classics he’s created. Of course, classic Disney characters such as, Star Wars fancy dress, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck must be mentioned!

All you have to do now is close your eyes and you’ll be taken into a world of magic, sparkle, and bliss. Prepare to dress up as your favorite Disney character for your next Disney party or World Book Day! Continue reading for some of the most creative Disney costume ideas…

Frozen’s Elsa

The monarch of the ice kingdom, Queen Elsa, is the first Disney character on our list. As her talents come back to haunt her in a horrible way, she’s ferocious and ready to turn everything into ice. She flees the realm to protect her sister, establishing her own ice kingdom in the process.

Elsa finally learns to control her abilities and is reunited with her sister, Anna, shortly after. Let’s pray no one steps on the ice, because if they do, they’ll be transformed into ice forever… This is a popular Disney costume for little girls, and it’s an outfit that will have them singing in no time.

Jasmine, Princess

Without this Disney figure, our list would be incomplete. It’s none other than Jasmine, Princess of the Arabian Nights! Jasmine is fed up with her boring princess existence, where her father, the Sultan, continually protects her.

As they travel together on the magic carpet, Aladdin appears and changes her life. Do you want to be a little rebellious and marry a phony prince? You’ll run upon the slightly odd blue genie… But watch what you wish for, because you only get three wishes!


Keeping with the Arabian Nights theme, we’re talking about Aladdin, the primary protagonist of course. He’s just a regular man who gets into a little trouble by stealing goods from the markets.

When he pretends to be a royal, he meets the love of his life. The Magic Carpet is, of course, Aladdin’s best buddy. He enlists his help to get to regions that are otherwise inaccessible on foot. We hope you’re not afraid of heights, since the Magic Carpet will whisk you away to the highest point in the sky.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Without a doubt, Alice is one of the most daring Disney characters ever. She feels that her inquisitive intellect will transport her to places she could only imagine.

Her adventure includes visiting the white rabbit, having tea with the Mad Hatter, and playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Look no further if you think yourself as a bit of an adventurer and fancy plunging down the rabbit hole to kick-start this adventure! It’s a fantastic Disney costume for tea parties or World Book Day celebrations.

Mickey and Minnie are two Disney characters.

Without the cutest mouse in the world, Disney wouldn’t be Disney! Disney is Minnie Mouse and her buddy, Mickey. She’s always cheerful, always smiling, and loves to strut around in her brightly colored spotted clothes!

Mickey, on the other hand, was the first Disney film character and is well-known around the world. This pair of Disney character costumes is ideal for a date night!

Sleeping Beauty is a fictional character.

The next Disney costume idea on our list is for the sweetest of all the characters. Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, is a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair who has been cursed by the evil witch. Only a kiss from her one-true-love, the prince, can save her. Any girl would love to dress up as her because she has an angelic voice. Maleficent, the bad fairy, should be avoided if you’re searching for a new and modern perspective on this princess…

Costumes for Sleeping Beauty

Everyone needs a best friend they can trust on to be there for them in good times and bad, and to help them discover their sister. Olaf is one of the most endearing Disney characters, and he brings a lot of laughs to the table.

It’s heartbreaking to see Olaf fade away, but Anna will always remember her happy times with him. This World Book Day, tag along with Anna as she searches for her sister! For a brother and sister, this is a fantastic Disney fancy dress idea.

Frozen Olaf and Anna costumes

The suave, charming, and ever so bit cheesy Flynn Ryder is the third character on our complete guide to the best Disney character costumes. He swiftly transforms from thief to prince charming and falls in love with Rapunzel.

He rescues the princess from the tower, and the two of them flee to a faraway continent. If you fancy yourself a hero in shining armor, Flynn is the man for you.

Flynn Rider’s Outfit

101 Dalmatians is without a doubt one of Disney’s all-time classics. What’s not to like, especially if you’re a dog lover like me? Unfortunately, things aren’t always as happy as they seem, especially when Cruella De Vil is involved.

She’s cutthroat, and she’ll go to any length to obtain what she wants from Jasper and Horace. Cruella offers an amazing Disney character costume idea for any occasion, thanks to the recent release of the live-action film.


Woody, the one and only cowboy from the all-around family favorite Toy Story, would be missing from any list of Disney costume ideas. Andy’s best pal, Woody, was previously Andy’s best friend. He’d spend hours on end with him, taking him wherever… When Buzz Lightyear entered the picture, though, everything changed.

Join Jessie on Bullseye, fall in love with Bo Peep, and become friends with Forky! It’s ideal for any Disney-themed event or if you’re planning a family trip to Disneyworld!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

‘Who’s the fairest of them all, who’s the fairest of them all, who’s the fairest of them all, who’s the prettiest of them all, who’s the fairest of them all, who’s the fair Snow White is a stunning woman on the inside and out. She enjoys nature and befriends Seven (nearly all) cheerful dwarfs who assist her on her journey. This character costume design is ideal for ladies and girls who consider themselves to be the most pure of them all. Note: Anything odd, especially apples from strangers, should not be accepted or eaten!

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