Reddit Karma Guide: How To Get More?

Whether you’re using Reddit to promote your business or to share a video of your pets playing chess, your karma tells your community who you are.

Here’s how to buy here karma on Reddit if you want to be more successful.

What Is Reddit Karma and How Does It Work?

Reddit karma is a measure that compares a user’s number of upvotes to their number of downvotes. It offers a few practical advantages, such as the ability to create your own subreddit and join some exclusive communities, but it’s primarily about reputation.

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A high karma score indicates that a user’s posts and comments are well-liked, and so they are seen as more of an authority within the community. A low or negative karma score indicates that the user’s actions irritate others, and it usually indicates that the user is a bot, spammer, or troll.

Karma is split into two categories: Post Karma and Comment Karma, which are tallied together to determine the final karma score. That means you can focus solely on comments or posts to raise your karma, but we recommend pursuing both.

We’ve compiled a list of seven ways to increase your Reddit karma. Read our How to Use Reddit guide to learn how to check your karma and get definitions for Reddit words.

1. Make a post On Sunday, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET

I hope you enjoy getting up early.

If you post during Reddit’s peak hours, which are 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday, Eastern Time (that’s the New York City timezone), your posts will be seen by more people. If that seems strange, keep in mind that Reddit has a global readership, so this window is effectively a mash-up of peak hours from around the world.

2. In r/AskReddit, post open-ended questions.

The r/AskReddit subreddit is a public Q&A forum. Users like you can ask inquiries about almost anything. You can ask specialists specific questions, such as what chefs look for when picking restaurants, or you can ask wider topics, such as what brings people joy.

You’ll get a lot of responses and, eventually, upvotes if you pose a decent question. The answers also allow you to respond to comments, which can help you earn additional comment karma.

3. Contribute to r/FreeKarma4U by posting and commenting.

One of the most popular subreddits is r/FreeKarma4U, which is dedicated to giving each other karma. If you submit something on here, other users will automatically upvote it, with the unwritten agreement that you will also upvote other people’s postings. There’s a common agreement that if you leave a remark on an article, the poster will upvote it, giving you bonus comment karma.

4. Leave a comment on any new or trending posts.

Visibility is one of the most difficult things to achieve when it comes to karma. Even if you have the best comment or post, no one will notice it if it is buried beneath other stuff. That’s why, if you’re looking for karma, it’s preferable to stick with recent or rising posts. You can gain maximum visibility with minimal competition if you know how to sniff a winner early.

If there’s a new hot post in the top 10 of a subreddit, Zapier can notify you immediately away. This will allow you to gain karma more quickly.

5. Always respond in order to maintain the conversation.

If someone comments on your post, respond, even if it’s merely to thank them. This makes the commenter feel appreciated, which increases the chance of future upvotes; it also shows others that you’re willing to reply, which increases the number of comments you receive overall.

6. Stick to Subreddits with a Larger Audience.

It’s tempting to target small and specialized communities on Reddit because it’s all about specializations. However, if karma is your first objective, you can’t ignore popular subreddits like r/funny or r/todayilearned. In smaller niches, you can still acquire karma by catering to the audiences, but the numbers grow more slowly. It’s best to combine the two: Concentrate on the major subreddits while remaining active in the smaller specialty ones.

7. Provide quality content

Posting good material is, at the end of the day, the best strategy to acquire upvotes. On Reddit, your social networking abilities may go a long way: if you upload the type of content that your audience wants, you’ll have no trouble gaining karma.

The following are some fundamentals of social media posting:

  • Raising the quality of your titles is a must. Make them memorable, attention-getting, and enigmatic.
  • Make use of high-resolution graphics. Improving the quality of your images, videos, animations, and other media improves the appeal of your post.
  • Make an effort to make emotional bonds. Don’t be hesitant to express your human side in talks, especially in the comments.

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